Sunday, April 27, 2008

Seedlings Growing

Morning Glories





Mesclun Mix

Herb Mix

Cherry Tomato

Pomodoro Tomato

These photos were taken today while the plants were sunning on the balcony. So far everything seems to be growing pretty well. The cats got to the morning glories and chewed off the tops of a row. We sprinkled blood meal in the soil of the pots staying indoors to both fertilize them and to help prevent the cats from digging in the pots. It worked for a while, but then I guess it faded away. I will have to add a bit more, as well as plant some more morning glory seeds.

I also moved the vermicomposter out onto my balcony about 1 week ago since the weather has been quite mild, even at night. They appear to be thriving when I check them. I fed them a bunch of lettuce yesterday (3rd feeding now altogether). I also added a layer of hay to the bin and sprayed water to moisten the bin. I think it dries out faster when it's outside due to its ventilation holes.

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