Monday, April 14, 2008

Lift Off: Balcony Garden

Today we planted many of the seeds for this summer's balcony garden. Our focus is mostly on leafy greens and other vegetables. Grow your own food!
Here's what we planted:

--2 planters of Marigolds that will hang on balcony rail (those are marigold seeds in my hand ^)
Drought & heat tolerant plant, which is good.
--1 planter of mixed Morning Glories (blues, purples, & pinks). Will climb up trellis.
--1 planter of mixed Salad Greens & Romaine lettuce (already outside since like cool weather)
--1 pot of Spinach
--1 pot of Mesclun mix
--1 pot of Garlic Chives
--1 pot of mixed herbs
--1 pot of Spring peas (already outside)
--1 Pomodoro tomato plant
--1 Sweet Cherry tomato plant

Everything but the leafy greens and peas will remain indoors to sprout and grow. They will move outside onto the balcony in May, past the risk of frost. The peas, and tomato plants will need to be transplanted once they're hardy seedlings, as they were planted in small pots. All others are in containers they can remain in.
We will also be planting Scarlet Runner pole beans outside in May. Another trellis will go up for them. I'd like to cover as much of the walls and ceiling of the balcony as possible with climbing plants. Pictures of sprouts and seedlings to come!

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