Thursday, August 11, 2011

U Shaped Log Garden Grows Food

The garden in mid June

The new garden did/is doing very well.

Peas thrived, although we know to construct a taller trellis next year for them. Sugar Snap peas can grow 6 feet tall!

The greens supplied fresh salads regularly. Arugula, Red Deer Tongue and Red Salad Bowl Lettuces looked beautiful around the inside of the U for easy harvesting. To cut salad greens I use a knife, and leave the baby leaves about 3/4 of an inch from the ground to grow back. I do 3 cuttings max because the greens tend to get bitter after that.

The New Zealand spinach is really starting to take off now. Seems to love the heat of summer.


prepster411 said...

I love your garden. I'm into a lot of the same stuff: vermiculture, permaculture, gardening, regenerative living etc. I'm going to link your blog on my site. I love the pictures.

bonnie scott said...

Thanks! Your blog is interesting as well and I'll be taking some more time to read a bit more that I find on it. I see you do canning, and that is something I want to learn more about.