Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cottage: Plants & Composting

Forget-Me-Nots, Trilliums, and Lily of the Valley

Composting at the cottage - Green Cone and Leaf Pile

Our Cottage: Candid & Green:

This composter is well used, almost year round. Although the compost from this composter never really gets used in the gardens and beds around the cottage, I still feel good that our family has always diverted a lot of material from the landfill this way.
Water is a resource we conserve more at the cottage than in the city. It has a septic tank system and water is pumped directly from the river. We bring water jugs of Toronto tap water up to use for drinking and cooking (sounds backwards). There are plastic bins lining the kitchen sink basins to divert water from the septic tank. The water they catch is then thrown on the grass by the road. The shower head has an on/off switch to allow for maximum water conservation. We shower less up there. We do not flush for number one.


Anonymous said...

Tripped over this old post. Curious. Why more emphasis on water conversation at the cottage vs city? Is septic system poorly functioning? Seems to me water is simply being 'moved' from the river through the house and back into the ground via septic... so seems would be less emphasis than in city where used water consumes water treatment resources.... Shrugs... just an outside observation... Obsessed with water in the hills of Texas.

bonnie scott said...

It's actually not a septic system, I was incorrect to describe it as such. It's a holding tank that needs emptying whenever it gets full, and that's the reason why we conserve water so vigourously there: to have the tank emptied as least often as possible. Having the truck come and pump it out costs money.
Still, I should apply the same water conserving techniques I do up at the cottage to my city life.